Horticulture Services
  • Maintenance of plants, trees shrubs, creepers, ground covers etc. including pruning, weeding, hoeing, mixing manure, watering and disposal of rubbish etc. will be a part of the job with proper tools and equipment.

  • Uprooting and disposal of weeds dry leaves and unwanted plants and shrubs outside the campus at appropriate place.

  • Watering of plants, shrubs, creepers will be done as and when required on regular basis to keep them lush green and healthy.

  • Spray of pesticides, insecticides, and fungicides as and when required.

  • Rat control measures in horticulture areas shall be done by appropriate method.

  • All the fallen leaves during the season of leaf fall etc. shall be collected and dumped in the manure pit.

  • Removal and disposal of dry leaves, muck, pebbles and other removable materials from horticulture areas and its disposal at appropriate place outside the campus will be a part of our Job.

  • The seeds and bulbs of seasonal flowers for raising the seedlings, planting and maintaining of the same at different places in the campus as well as in pots.

  • Our specialty in planting and upkeep of all imported plants.