Pantry Services
  • The scope of work under this contract includes 6 days in a week & 8hrs. Per shift.

  • Required Equipments, cutleries, crockery, beverages and edibles used will be the responsibility of company.

  • A periodical training regarding Food & Beverage service will be conducted to all the staff deployed at your premises.

  • Personal hygiene norms will be strictly followed in the interest of product quality & workers. All new & existing staff will be trained on personal hygiene.

  • Every employee will get through medical checkup after three months. No medically unfit will be unemployed.

  • Appropriate clothing policy will be implemented during preparation & service. A full-length protective clothing of appropriate design will be provided to each employee during the same.

  • All the deployed Pantry personnel would be minimum matriculates with relevant experience.

  • Sterilization of all the equipments, cutleries, crockery & bottles will be done on periodical basis to avoid any kind of contamination from dirt, germs etc.