We, the foot soldiers of high sky group, believe in collaborating with client/customers and colleagues to achieve mutual success. We do go all out to address the nitty-gritty/specifies as well, with a view to check any possible loopholes in the security operations. We are committed to enhance focus on solution, by way of blending people, process and technology solely for client/customer's benefit.

We have experienced and highly qualified Instructors including mobile operation team. Besides we have manpower comprising of proactive, inquisitive and adequately trained manpower. They are the back bone of High Sky Group i.e. (security guard, head guard, supervisor, gun man, and lady guard, so, cso). In addition to these avenues, we have professionals at supervisory level consisting of mobile field officers, patrolling supervisor, assessment cum quality control managers and quick response team equipped with dependable communication network. We design customized integrated security plan in line with customer's need. Our Endeavour is to provide efficient yet cost effective security and allied services. In this sphere, the man power is picked up with great care and those found suitable and medically fit and are suited to specific needs are selected. They are then vetted thoroughly and are subjected to different phases of training schedule before being deployed independently to discharge security duties. Our effort is to provide our client/customers with safe and secure environment.



To excel in the field of comprehensive security management and allied services.


Mission focuses as under:-

  • Strive to be prime provider of security and allied services to it's client.
  • To live up to the expectations of its clients in maintaining security standards and professionalism on every day basis.
  • To be a responsible corporate citizen along with the adherence to existing norms and for labour practices.
  • Our Endeavour is to ensure continual improvement in the area of environment Health and security (EHS) standards in line with our work culture and share values of community development.


High Sky group is committed to under mentioned core values :-

Expertise : We develop and demonstrate our expertise through our innovative and leading-edge approach towards creating and delivering the right solution.

Customer Focus : We have close, open relationship with our customers that generate trust and we work in partnership for our mutual benefits.

Integrity : We can always be trusted to do the right thing.

Performance : We challenge ourselves to improve performance year-on-year and to create long-term sustainability.

Best People : We always take care to employ the best people, develop their competence, provide opportunities and inspire them to live up to our values.

Team Work & Collaboration : We collaborate and work in unison to stand out in the field of security operation.

The company's unique standing in the field of security is not the result of its mere size or scale of operation, but is a true reflection of the high quality and professional attitude of the security services provided. With a wealth of expertise from around the country High Sky Group is in the unique position of being able to render services that meet each and every client's need. With this in mind, our approach is based on individual surveys that cater to the clients requirement and ensures that the service provided matches it.


We generate a feeling of togetherness and develop passion amongst our personnel to put their best foot forwards in each one every role. We abide by their statutory requirements (viz-ESI,PF etc ) meticulously and generate following working culture:-

  • We instill "High Level of Attitude" and generate congenial working atmosphere by streamlining the main focus of our management team in providing all necessities to our guarding personnel at their doorstep. We extend helping hand to them to deal with personal, team and customer adversities in a decisive manner.
  • We ensure "Boosting of Motivation Level" of our security personnel by proactively creating professionalized frame of development plan. This, per say, with the dedicated support of quality control management team, enhances the effectiveness.
  • We advocate and encourage our security personnel to always "Smile through Heart" primarily by way of extending our support for their children education and keeping by their family needs always in focus.


Our main focus is to provide customers value added services:-

  • We provide update on regular basis about security scenario as early warning with a view to get prepared to ward of any possible occurrence of security hazard.
  • We provide 24 hours and 365 days support services to our customer during the crisis and emergencies, along with suitable advice and guidance.
  • We provide security to assets, equipments and also cater to the need of additional security guards at short notice, at your site as per your need.